moshi moshi :D
by SlumberPoppy

This reminds me of the time when you and I first became friends, Hobo.. .-.

This is the best!! XDDD

This is the best!! XDDD

by SlumberPoppy

I regret nothing!! And he looks nice with the black hair.. :P

I guess I went a little overboard.. ._.

Oh well.. More where that came from.. :P

When I say I’m ugly,

I’m dead serious. I’m not fishing for anyone’s compliments. That’s just how I really feel about myself. I think I’m “okay” looking though. But overall, I think I’m unattractive. There’s much more prettier and beautiful girls out there, that there’s too much that I can’t even count. Everything they do is better and cuter than what I do, even when they make silly faces or act stupid. I wish I was more attractive. I honestly wish I was one of those girls.

So.. I got bored.. And decided to try and transform Tsubasa Otori (Metal Fight Beyblade) into a girl.. It was completely random and I’m wondering at my state of mind.. But… Oh well.. The original pic(the 1st in the photoset) was taken from the internet.. So yeah.. Not mine.. :P


you all want tall boys so its harder for them to realize how ugly you are from that high up